How to Transition into the Fall When it’s Still Hot

I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that I will not be able to transition into the fall, garment wise. Summer and winter will simply have no in between. There will be no chunky scarves or sweater filled weather. I will not take part of any wardrobe escapades nor will my body be layered in light sweaters or button up shirts. Florida weather is a little impeding sometimes and it’s terrible. The sun makes me feel like I’m going to melt or as if I’m walking through the desert. You wouldn’t want to see what I look like after a long day. It’s not pretty.

I am keeping my wardrobe as light as possible and as fall as can be. I’m taking fall colors and mixing and matching with a piece representing the fall. Take this suede skirt. It is the perfect piece. Those wooden wedges and the plain white t-shirt. I had a brunch date on Sunday but I must confess I was more excited about this outfit than the actual date I was wearing it for. Don’t you love when that happens? When you put on an outfit and you look in the mirror and just think, “damn I look goooood.”? Because I sure as hell do.  suede-skirt-zara fall-fashion-suede-skirt-orlando-blogger fall-fashion-suede-skirt-orlando-blogger DSC_0409 fall-fashion-suede-skirt-orlando-blogger   -orlando-blogger orlando-blogger fall-fashion-suede-skirt-orlando-blogger fall-fashion-suede-skirt-orlando-blogger   fall-fashion-suede-skirt-orlando-blogger     DSC_0509 fall-fashion-suede-skirt-orlando-blogger orlando-blogger nasty-gal-wedges

Get the look:



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