I’m a storyteller of all things strange and stylish; a beer-enthusiast; a traveler; an introvert; and occasionally spilling secrets about blogging.

Delirium Style highlights my versatile style with a mix of chic and casual pieces. I also include travel and lifestyle advice and an array of reviews for the products and brands I use and love. This blog is intended for women looking for advice, inspiration, and fashion tips from genuine friend that they can relate to.

Over the years I have transitioned Delirium Style to become a place to read, a place to laugh, and a place to be incentivized by style and inspiration. As a millennial I always felt like I was constantly busy and on the go. I created this blog to ease the rush and chaos that gets in the way of letting ourselves indulge in living the lifestyle we always wanted (without going absolutely broke).

Almost everyone who knows me personally still cannot believe I began blogging because of how shy and introverted I was (and still am). This is why I was motivated to help others. The blogging industry has become such a saturated market and it can be a scary place to jump into. If you’re a blogger or digital influencer, please follow along my blogging tips series to help you get started or grow the one you already have.

Fashion is not always about having a deep understanding about each piece you have one. It shouldn’t be scary, or proper, or intimidating. Fashion is a lifestyle; a signature move that speaks of who you are and how you see the world around you.

Be what you aspire to be and let inspiration influence your motives and decisions.

Please leave a comment below with any questions you have or just to say hello. I love getting to know my followers and what they’re searching for!

A Little Bit About Katerina

I was born in Miami, Florida and raised in Lima, Peru. I’m an Economist and a Marketer and I currently reside in Orlando, Florida. I work in marketing for a publishing company and blogging is my part-time job (neither are related). I’m also in the process of studying to get into graduate school. I’ve been in a healthy and loving long-distance relationship for almost 5 years and yes, it’s fucking difficult (but worth it).

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